We would like to introduce you to The Muscle MafiaThe Muscle Mafia manufactures an exclusive line of apparel symbolizing strength, power and unity, through our custom designs.  Our designs are simple, yet direct and effective. The reaction people receive when wearing Muscle Mafia apparel is always positive, and encourages us to continue developing new and exciting designs and sayings.  Visit our children designers shop here. The people who “champion” The Muscle Mafia are not only customers, but become part of our “family.”

Our apparel is "private labeled" to insure authenticity.  Our sayings and/or slogans are creative, inspiring and unique.  Muscle Mafia has proven to be a name that's appealing and easily memorable.  When you hear the words "Muscle Mafia", you'll always remember them.

The Muscle Mafia is marketing and promoting our exclusive line of clothing with aggressive and precise target market exposure with participation in many local and mainland events.  The events have been chosen for their target markets, large live audiences and massive exposure. 

  • Gold’s Gym Classic 
  • Hawaiian Islands Classic
  • Hawaii Strongest Man Competition
  • USA Nationals
  • Designer Body
  • Arnold S. Classic Expo
  • Various Publications
  • MMA Fighting
  • Hawaii Powerlifting Team
  • Mr. Olympia
  •   Many high profile people are starting to wear Muscle Mafia Clothing!

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you join The Muscle Mafia family.

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